Witchology Magazine was first set up in 2018, by best-selling author Ambrosia Hawthorn. Ambrosia has a wealth of experience working in many creative sectors, and the magazine was a natural extension of those skills.

The magazine was originally released in a monthly format, and it wasn’t long before Ambrosia enlisted the help of Sarah Justice, a talented editor with a beautiful shop called The Tiny Cauldron.

The Witchology readership continued to grow and eventually, Ambrosia approached Louisa Dean and Meg Rosenbriar of Witch With Me with a view to collaborating on the future of the magazine. 

Both Meg and Louisa had previously written for the magazine and were delighted at the prospect of working with Ambrosia and Sarah on a new format. 

They enlisted the superior design skills of Christie O’Regan from The Journal Supreme, condensed the magazine into a quarterly format, and released the updated version that you see today. 

We are thrilled to have you join us on the Witchology journey and can’t wait to share the exciting things we have in store for the magazine!

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