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In Witchology Magazine, you’ll find a monthly herb, crystal, goddess, and moon along with sabbat magick, rituals, spells, recipes, art, interviews, and so much more! We aim to give you the tools to help you make your own magick and to help you elevate your practice. 

Current Issue

Samhain – October 2019

October brings colder, shorter days and longer nights. It’s a great month to work on letting go, spiritual awareness, honoring your ancestors, and celebrating endings.

In this issue, we have articles relating to life, death, and rebirth, the thinning of the veil, honoring your ancestors, automatic writing the history of the ouija board, and ways to celebrate with your family.

 We also have articles by our witchy team about Samhain, shadow work and the shadow self, athames, deities, and much more! Don’t forget to read to the end and get rewarded with delicious Samhain recipes.

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Ambrosia Hawthorn, Editor