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In Witchology Magazine, you’ll find a monthly herb, crystal, goddess, and moon along with sabbat magick, rituals, spells, recipes, art, interviews, and so much more! We aim to give you the tools to help you make your own magick and to help you elevate your practice. 

Current Issue

Mabon – September 2019

September brings longer nights, colder days, and an abundance of harvest. The leaves are browning and beginning to shed as the bite of autumn takes root.

In this issue we cover common thresholds of power, the importance of purifying the home, how to find balance at mabon, feature a tarot spread for Mabon, how to divine with candle wax, a guide to the dark goddesses, earth cord magick, and delicious magickal recipes. That’s not all! We also have three wonderful interviews with authors and creators Liz Worth, Rhianna of Good Morning Moon, and Rosalina of Shadowlight Haven.

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Our spotlight and guest writers are experienced Wiccans, Pagans, Witches, and creators who bring a wealth of knowledge to our community of readers!

Ambrosia Hawthorn, Editor