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In Witchology Magazine, you’ll find a monthly herb, crystal, goddess, and moon along with sabbat magick, rituals, spells, recipes, art, interviews, and so much more! We aim to give you the tools to help you make your own magick and to help you elevate your practice. 

Current Issue

Energy Magick – November 2019

November marks the new year for some traditions. It’s a time of renewal and working with energy and your connection with the divine.

This month we have some great articles on mirror magick, scrying, defense magick techniques, astral travel, magickal centering, enhancing your spells with visualization, energy magick basics, and enhancing your craft. We also have an exclusive interview with Julia from Hedgecraft House, a Tarot spread for warmth and security, and delicious recipes of Wila Witch Bread and Berry Galette!

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Ambrosia Hawthorn, Editor