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The Reclamation Issue

Discover recipes, music, books, tarot, rituals, astrology, deities, and much, much more in The Reclamation Issue.

The Astrology of Fall

Coven Market

The Art of Kitchen Witchery

Learning to Embrace Change

7 Secrets to Beating Witchy Burnout

Wait, Siriusly…? Mocktail Recipe


Dear Madam Adam

Featured Music

Reclaim Your Heritage

Featured Shop

Featured Tarot Deck

Magick Among the Wabanaki

Featured Books

Community Spotlight: Susan Ilka Tuttle

Rebirth of Traditional Alchemy

Community Spotlight: Juliet Diaz

Sobriety in Witchcraft and the Occult

Featured Artist

Herby Rose Vegetable Tart Recipe

Unconscious Drawing

The Magic of Breathing

Veneficium: The Poison Path

Witches and Familiar Spirits

Fortune Simmer Pot

Re-Earthing the Garden

Invoking the Wild

Samhain Ritual


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