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Witchcraft isn’t about riding on broomsticks and cursing your enemies and it isn’t about black conical hats either. There are a lot more witches in our communities than some might realize and it’s gaining popularity for many reasons. Witchcraft is gaining attention and popularity because it is based on spirituality and is unique to each individual person who practices it. Your journey with witchcraft grows with you.

Above all, witchcraft is a journey – a very personal journey that is unique to each individual practicing it. It isn’t strictly religion and it isn’t strictly magick. It’s mold-able and flexible and moves with you just as the elements around you do.

Our readers embrace their journey and are smart and educated people, and we expect our writers to be up to the task. We often help promote worthwhile artists, shops, and projects.

We are not doing this to get rich, or to help you get rich.  We try to share stories that help people improve their witchy practice and to create a more magickal world for everyone.


  • We are always looking to fill these sections of the magazine:
  • Astrology topics
  • Moon magick, circles, or meditations
  • Types of magick relating to the theme of the month (found in editorial calendar below)
  • Interviews with witchy small businesses
  • The release of a new book, class, or event
  • Shop features (details can be found in our media kit below)
  • Rituals
  • Spells
  • Crafts & DIY tutorials
  • Spirituality topics
  • Yummy recipes
  • Book of Shadows content and correspondences

Download our media kit and submission guidelines for details and submit your idea/pitch to

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Water Issue | Water magick, summer, divination, meditation

Ad theme: Summer, water witch/magick items/events
Topics for submissions: Harry Potter influence on witchcraft, water rituals, divination, meditations, water crystals, beach altars

Issue Close: June 15, 2019
On Sale July 1, 2019

Lughnasadh | Abundance & Creativity

Ad theme: Summer, fire items/events
Topics for submissions: Honoring the harvest season, Abundance or creativity rituals,  Lammas articles, meditations, Protection, candle magick, crystals, grain or corn recipes

Issue Close: July 15, 2019
On Sale August 1, 2019


Mabon | Kitchen Witch

Ad theme: Herbalism/Kitchen
Topics for submissions: Rituals, Witches Thanksgiving, Magick in the home, Fire magick, Seasonal Magick, Equinox articles

Issue Close: August 15, 2019
On Sale September 1, 2019


Samhain | Thinning of the Veil

Ad theme: Halloween/Samhain
Topics for submissions: Thinning of the veil, Samhain, Ancestors, Honoring the Dead, Fire magick

Issue Close: August 15, 2019
On Sale October 1, 2019



Ad theme: Self-care
Topics for submissions: Clearing out, Strength, Connecting with Deity, Release and freedom, Removing blockages, Inner work, visualization, Manifestation, Shedding

Issue Close: October 15, 2019
On Sale November 1, 2019


Yule | Winter Solstice

Ad theme: Yule/Winter Solstice
Topics for submissions: Folklore, Yule, Ceremonies, Recipes, Traditions, Crafts and creations

Issue Close: November 15, 2019
On Sale December 1, 2019