Witchology Winter 2021


Dive deep into the Winter Issue with recipes, spells, rituals, astrology, divination, tarot, articles, interviews, and so much more!

Transit Forecast 

There Lies a Seed

Tea Magick and Ritual 

Recycle, Reuse: Ancestral Artefacts 

Yule Tarot Spread

The Somnia Tarot

Dear Madam Adam 

Coven Market

Community Spotlight: Mhara Starling 

Recipe: Tantalised Chocolates 

Working with the Land 

Featured Books 

Cerridwen: Inside the Mind of the Crone 

Winter Prosperity Syrup and Cocktail  

The Kitchen Witches’ Hedgerow and Garden in Winter

The World of Cartomancy

5 Steps for Potent Magickal Work 

Forging the Witch 

Carromancy: the Sacred Art of Reading Candle Wax   

Slavic Money Secrets

Aunt Carla’s New Year’s Eve Ritual

The Knitter’s Oracle

Challenging the Christmas Witch 

End of Year Letting Go Ritual  

Veneficium: The Cunning

Fatal Attraction 

Forged from Steel: Custom Ritual Tools by Ceremonia 

Planetary Magick


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