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    Directory Listings (by year)

    Your listing will be entered in the next twelve issues of Witchology Magazine.


    Quarter-page directory listings (500 x 600) are $40 run 12x

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    Full-page Ad

    A full-page ad consists of either a shop, collection, or item feature, links, and images.

    Run 1x.

  • Ads

    Full-page Ad and Instagram Giveaway

    A full-page ad consists of either a shop, collection, or item feature run 1x

    Instagram giveaways (600px by 600px) are run 1x


    A consultation about the ads is best to see what’s necessary for design, etc.

    Giveaways are a great way to get new followers and exposure! They also Include image creation to match the monthly theme.

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    Instagram Giveaway

    Instagram giveaways (500 x 500) are $50 run 1x

  • Ads

    Interview Features

    Features headshot, 3-5 custom questions, links to your website, social media pages, email, and mentions your shop/book/offers.

    Interview features are often two pages. Run 1x.


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    Must-have Ads

    (300 x 300) are $20 run 1x

    Must-have ads are square or rectangle image ads changed monthly. They consist of a listing title, link, and price. Ad is run 1x.

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    Three-Page Ad

    *Page ads can be shop features, collections, interviews, events, products, approved content, social pages (Instagram photos and tag), or a combination of the above.

    Three-page Ads are $120 run 1x

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    What’s New Ads

    What’s New Ads are published books or decks. They consist of an image, title, description, and link. Ad is run 1x.