Witchy traders, creative crafters, magic makers – this one is for you!

If you have always dreamed of having your best selling product featured in a magazine, now is your chance! 

In every issue, we curate a collection of the latest witchy must-haves, from candles and broomsticks to clothes and bath bombs. Our Coven Market section is a great place to showcase your latest witchy wares to a huge audience. 

And the best part? It’s free! We understand the challenges of running a small business and we hope to help spread some witchy business joy by putting your products on a global platform. Each business featured will receive a free digital copy of the magazine and a discounted print version. 

Interested? Awesome! 

We need a succinct description of your product, along with a clear, well-lit image of it against a plain background. This is so that we can easily cut the product image out of the photo and place it into the spread. 

Tips for taking photos:

  • Daylight is the best light for product photos
  • Avoid shadows
  • Avoid blurry images
  • Try to put the whole product into the shot 
  • Make sure people can tell what the product is

Ready? Let’s go! Fill out this form and we will let you know if your product has made it into the next issue.

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