Where does one begin with an incantation? I feel like when I started my witchy training I was so worried about getting the spells and incantations absolutely perfect, I was’t in the right mind-frame for casting. Once I realized the importance of words and found my method for writing incantations, everything started falling into place.

Words deeply effect everyone and everything around us so it would make sense that incantations, chants or affirmations are so powerful. If you think about it everything around us are composed of vibrations. Words create results. 

Adding rhythm to your spells adds power to your statements and also make it easy to remember. As long as your imagination and intention are in the right place the words will follow. Incantations allow you to use your imagination. You can also add a chant to your spell which will help raise energy. Chants are phrases, words and syllables repeated for a purpose. Most people chant mantras for spiritual purposes.

Back to incantations. The easiest way to write an incantation is to break it down into three sections; past (or trouble), present (or request) and future (intention/desired outcome). 

Here are a few personal spells:

Lost and unable to find my way,
hear my plea, help me find,
A sign or a light to a doorway.

Stone of quartz lost from sight,
Find your way back to me,
So I may enjoy you again, shining and bright.

As you can see I tend to lose a lot. Nevertheless, it’s good to practice with things you have strong intentions or desires about. While writing spells can be rewarding and fun, always remember to create an exit spell or a loophole of sorts. This is your get out of jail free card.

It can look something like this, attached to a spell:

Come to me, a muse to write,
So I may succeed, flourish and thrive,
Until the clock strikes 12 this night.

Or, if you want to leave your incantation alone, you can write another incantation to cancel your first spell. An example of a counter incantation:

This harmful spell I now undo,
All that was changed, return and renew.

All of these are options because creating the right incantation is special to each person. You may like rhyming more, or not rhyming at all. You may even choose to say your incantations only in your head. It’s all okay. 

I want to briefly cover one of the most popular saying in Wicca, “So mote it be.” In modern Wiccan traditions, the phrase often appears as a way of wrapping up a ritual or spell It’s basically. a way of saying, “And so it shall be.” It’s a powerful statement that is full of intent. It’s a wonderful phrase to be added to any incantation!

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Merry part and merry meet again!