Personal protection is a must for any witch. Protecting yourself psychically from negativity, outside forced and contaminated energies relies on you being able to sense and manipulate energy. There is shielding, blocking, charging and returning. 

Let’s begin with shielding. This protects your physical body and it covers you from head to toe. Typically, the shield is like a second skin and it keeps you safe from any magickal influence or threats you may come in contact with as you move about your daily life. 

With some simple psychic self defense techniques, you will be able to overcome negative energies and other things that can penetrate your energy field like psychic vampires who suck the energy of others. 

Personal shields are especially needed when you cast magick that isn’t big enough for casting a circle of protection. You can also use a personal shield if you feel a person is directing negativity at you. You will experience energy loss, depression, a change in your attitude or feel uneasy.

Begin by sensing your own energy and force it to expand to contain and surround your body. This is like another skin. Maintain this solid energy and use it to push against outside forces. 

Now on to blocking. This is similar to shielding however, it’s done physically. Move so that there is something physical like a table, counter or even a pillar between you and the negative energy. This will allow you to make an escape or make the next two steps easier, charging and returning.

Charging is concentrate on lifting your energy level temporarily so you can return the energy of the negative person back toward them. 

Controlling your energy is an important aspect of psychic self defense.

While you’re learning to perfect your shield it’s vital to use an amulet, which is a physical item that is enchanted specifically for the protection of the wearer. This has to be regularly charged and enchanted to stay working.

Thank you for reading and merry part!

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