Today we are going to cover spells and answer the following questions:

What is a spell?
How do they work?
What kinds are there?
What are the steps of a spell?
Do my spells have to rhyme?

I feel sometimes I find information to be a little over complicated. I wanted to get straight to the point for our new or young witches. Let’s begin with the basics. A spell is basically energy manipulation usually associated with a chant, incantation or affirmation to generate a desired result or intent. When you’re doing a spell you are altering a situation by changing the energy by adding new energy or moving it. 

Now that we know about how energy is associated with spells, we can talk about how a spell works. A Spell from start to finish contains many little elements that make a spell work; crafting and casting. Crafting has to do with building the energy, planning and prep work in order to have a great spell. Casting is the release of the energy and seeing the results. 

On to types of spells. There are spells for everything! It’s sometimes a little overwhelming how many spells are out there. After these articles I hope you can create your own. After all, the spell is about energy manipulation. Again, let’s try and simplify so we can grow as a witch easier. Basically there are only two types of spells; attracting and banishing. Attracting is drawing something towards you. These spells include, money, abundance, love, friendship, health, luck and safety. Banishing is getting rid of something. These spells include when you want something out of your life, getting rid of a habit, a sickness, or negative energy.

To continue answering the above questions, we will not move to the steps of a spell. This is an easy to follow list:
1. Establish Intention – aka desired outcome.
2. Collect Ingredients – follow correspondences lists to make it easier.
3. Center & Ground – this protects YOU by basically connecting yourself to the physical world and releasing excess energy.
4. Cleanse Your Area- you can use incense, a besom, a smudge stick or a white ball of energy.
Cast A Circle – to protect from unwanted entities that are being attracted to your spell.
6. Invite Other Entities – this is optional and can include beings, elementals, ancestors, totem animals etc.
7. Perform Your Spell – this is where you use your creativity and use your incantation.
8. Release Entities After Spell – don’t forget to thank them.
9. Close The Circle – if you open a circle you have to close it.
10. Pack up your spell tools.

To answer our last question about rhyming let’s talk about the Incantation as stated in step 7, performing your spell. When you cast a spell you are using your mind, emotions and will to bring about a desired result. So this means if you choose it to rhyme, then rhyme! I personally like to rhyme unless it feels to forced. But I’ll cover Incantations in another post 😉

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Stay Witchy!


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